IC Commerce – e-shop for the fenestration industry

IC Commerce – e-shop for the fenestration industry

Sell Windows, Doors, Roller shutters, Garage doors, Exterior and Interior blinds, IC COMPLEX is equipped with the necessary tools for online sales: IC Commerce. The online store software is fully integrated into the IC COMPLEX system, therefore, products created in configurators can be accessed directly in the store catalog. The system allows the customer to search for such predefined products and then edit them using configurators. Depending on their preferences, the consumer can search for products using categories and filters in the store, or immediately go to the selected configurator and use it to configure the product.

IC Commerce has the necessary integrations with payment systems, marketing platforms, which makes it a tool adapted to the current requirements of the eCommerce industry. Integrations, product feeds, marketing automation, logistics optimization are a bread and butter for our implementation team. During implementations, we work with the best eCommerce agencies and consultants specialized on target country market to achieve the best results for our customers together.

We differ from universal eCommerce platforms in that our tools are adapted to the windows & doors industry. We understand which elements of the process require a special solutions in our industry.

The fenestration industry is one of those that has resisted internet transformation for the longest time. This transformation has come, and we have had the honour of being part of this change. Now we are experiencing a completely new sales process, for the benefit of the industry, but above all for consumers. We invite you to implement online sales of your products together with us.

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Why with IC Complex?

IC Complex differs significantly from similar solutions available on the market. Its functionalities are second to none. adapted to individual needs and always created in the latest technology. Our calculators for windows, doors and awnings are equipped with functions that you will not find in the competition - including: valuation of arches and other figures, free design, inserting muntins, as well as a dedicated system for self-service of the entire configurator and valuation management (IC Admin - which works like a simple CMS).

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