IC Awning – online configurator and quotes for awnings

IC Awning is an intelligent awnings online configurator, dedicated to manufacturers and distributors. The implementation of this configurator can offer to users online pricing, quoting and even order placement. It delivers direct benefits to B2C and B2B sectors.

This intelligent awnings configurator can be adapted to the manufacturer product specification to deliver adequate quotes for awnings. It is functioning on manufacturer or distributor website and is accessible through login to business partners. Dealers, will be able to place order through the configurator, this will improve and speed-up the sales process.

For retail customers, this system could be accessible without login, this tool will allow generating quotes at home. To receive or print the offer the customer will be asked for details, which straight away could be used by the sales department to close this deal. Further on, IC Awning is able also to sell awnings online to retail customers, it will function as an e-shop and provide to you internet modern customers.

IC Awining characteristics:

  • intelligent awning sizes adjustments tool,
  • easy modifications of selected options and prices,
  • quoting, pricing ordering process does not involve staff,
  • e-mail notification to staff and customers about offers, quotes and order placements,
  • you customers get a quote at home in no time,
  • the company gets a detailed order and can transfer it directly to production.

Additional benefits:

  • sales reports available instantaneously,
  • access to all registered clients e-mails (potential customers),
  • expandable on request (manufacturers specifications),
  • easy to adapt with the design of any company,
  • dedicated Content Management System.

IC Awning will calculate your awning price from available manufacturer’s pricelists or will be integrated with your ERP or production system.

This online configurator will increase the number of quotes and will speed up your sales process. Being the fastest to deliver a quote, gives you a higher chance to win a new customer.

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